Home styling

I home-styled two apartments this past week. I have mixed feelings about these kinds of assignments, partly because the budgets are usually quite limiting and also because the styling is required, by law, to be a blank yet cosy, chic and space defying canvas that potential buyers can project their own dreams/tastes/Svenskt Tenn couches onto.

Anyways, one thing I do like is the limited time aspect. One week all in all. From offer to execution to this piece of text right here. It’s like a Craig David song.

Got this job on Monday, had a think on Tuesday and we* were styling by Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday, showing on Sunday. (We didn’t really style all those days, the photographer came on Thursday and the realtor firm had it up on their site by Friday).

*I did both apartments together with Leo, my AT business partner. Also worth noting we work mostly with existing furniture, adding a table here, a rug there, lamps, textiles, art, a lot of flowers and plants, books and smaller items but mostly getting rid of stuff and moving around what is left.