Indio, Stockholm

Mission: Interior decoration of Indio Film’s offices in one of “hötorgsskraporna”, the high-rise office buildings (that were completed in 1963) at Hötorget in central Stockholm.

My AT colleague Leo and myself recently finished a new interior decoration project and I just got my hands on the first pictures from that. Well, actually Chloé, the French fashion house, got the first pictures as they chose to use the space for a campaign recently (yippie!) but these are the first pictures that we’ve commissioned.

The sun, in typical Swedish winter fashion, set long before we had time to finish shooting all the rooms but the ones that photographer Viktor Sjödin did capture, look something like this. When the days are longer we’ll come back for more pictures, but I feel this gives a good idea of the space and I’m very happy with how it turned out. Whilst working on this project I’d say we referred to Scarface and the 70s (and Brazil!) more than might be expected when discussing an office in Stockholm. And surely that can’t be a bad thing!

Oh, and to advertise our other venture, Auktionstipset, I might add that a vast majority of the furniture we used are online auction finds. And pretty much all smaller items are courtesy as per usual of the Rosebowl flea market.
To buy and furnish with second hand objects just makes more sense, on all levels. Our hope is that more people will join us in this conviction.