Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.24.13Update March 2016: I played records last night at STYLEBY:s 5th anniversary cocktail party. Woke up this morning with champagne on my tongue and songs ringing in my head. Here are a few of them.//

Aside from delivering playlists to specific clients I often get asked to do them to mark occasions/appear on websites/make days less quiet, etc. I’ll save them here as they happen (so check back* every now and then if your ears are bored).

animalsHere‘s one. This is mostly new/contemporary songs that kept me company early September. There’s a certain mood in there that I can’t quite put into words. So I borrowed some from O’Hara. Man, that man could write.

Look what just washed ashore

As summer came to an end so did sweet little Snäckan, mine and Henrik’s monthly After Work club at Trädgården. Inside this little sampler however, summer lasts forever. (Sorry about the lack of ladies, some of my sunny favourites – Sonya Spence, Jennifer Lara, etc – were not available on Spotify).

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