Furniture collection

So, it seems I’ve stumbled into the furniture designing business. My AT colleague Leo and myself were sat one evening in Los Angeles, drinking some lovely red wine at the Mohawk Bend in Echo Park, discussing, as one does, wood. We love wood. And the Mohawk Bend is covered in it. Plywood specifically.

We talked a lot about slab tables and that wonderful straight-outta-nature-aesthetics that California is so very good at. Sweden, unfortunately, less so. Maybe our trees just aren’t big enough. Maybe we like straight lines too much. Either way, suddenly an idea was born. To take our love for slab tables, organic shapes and live edges and reimagine it in plywood. A man-made version of what nature does so well without us…

The result is a series of four tables: a coffee table (PCH), a cocktail table (The Valley), a dining table (Zinfandel Dining) and a conference table (Zinfandel Meeting). We call the series PLIVE. You can see all the tables here (and you can see the conference table at the & Other Stories atelier in West Hollywood) but for more information go to the PLIVE website.

Tables designed by Leo and me and built by woodworker Niklas Runesson.